Holy Moly, I am retired!


New Year’s Day, 2020.  Every new year, I reflect on where I am and where I am going.  Recently, I’ve been dealing with the realization that I have entered the next phase of life.  I had thought after my COBRA ran out, I would go back to work.  But   I find that I really enjoy working on my own projects, and taking time off to read or do yard work whenever I please.  I still work as a contractor a couple of days a week, but within the last month I’ve come to realize that even if I were laid off, I would not seek another job.  

It’s a strange transition.  So much of my identity has been wrapped up in success and being a great developer.  But does it make sense to work on projects that you don’t love to make money, when you don’t need the money?  My priorities are shifting, and I feel like I am surfing on the waves of change.


With that in mind, my goals have not changed much.

  • Update my published apps
  • Publish a steam VR app
  • Organize music and photos online
  • Create a wiki chatbot
  • Increase bone density and muscle mass
  • Research better insurance and investments regularly






Hello World


My passions are programming, graphics, A.I., and V.R.   But I also love dancing and fitness so there will be some of that sprinkled into this website as well.  

My world is one of creating apps, making Alexa and Google do cool things, and building the ShireSphere, a V.R. world populated with A.I. characters.  

My world is also one of reading and listening to podcasts, many of which have nothing to do with my primary raison d’etre, and yet they color my world, and this website.  

My hope is that I find something I enjoy writing about often enough, that others will enjoy reading often enough, to make this venture worthwhile for us all.  

Welcome to the Shire!