Soft Comfy Velour Pants with Big Pockets for Phone

Call me a comfort junkie when it comes to things like clothes.  Sure, I like to look cute, at least in my own mind, but I insist on comfort first.  Form follows function.  After years of searching, I have found soft, velour pants to wear around the house that have huge front pockets.  My iPhone fits entirely in either of these pockets. They are heavenly.

This is the first time I’ve had front pockets large enough to hold anything but keys.  I am surprised at how unobtrusive the phone is.  It could be better if it were big enough to have a zipper so you could sit without the phone falling out, but even having it so I can walk around is a huge bonus.  It’s more secure than any back pocket, which is what I typically have to resort to.

Big front pockets!

This pocket is huge! My big iPhone X isn’t even visible.


Look how you can barely see the phoneX even from the side angle.

The state of pockets in women’s clothing is a travesty.  I know we’re supposed to carry purses, but I never have.  When I leave the house, I want to put my things in my pockets and go.  Just like a man. Woohoo.  Not having children, I’ve never had the need to carry anything but a credit card sized wallet and keys. And now my phone.  My personal favorite clothing since mobile phones is cargo pants, but they aren’t super soft lay-around-the-house comfy.  

You could wear these out and about, but my comfy pants are like a big welcome home hug. 

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I could keep my hands warm in these pockets. They are deep.

Juicy Couture Soft Comfy Velour Pants with Big Pockets for Phone

Typical tiny useless back pockets.

Sizes are pretty true to form.  At 5’4″ and 125 pounds, the medium was roomy and about an inch too long.  The small may have fit better, but the drawstring cinches these up just fine.